Chasing The Hypotenuse

It’s a funny word, hypotenuse. It made Nichole laugh when she batted it around with a couple of fellow writers (including Joel) over brunch in November 2010. After a lot of wordplay, “chasing the hypoteneuse” evolved as their favourite title – but for what?

The phrase haunted Nichole and she began to try it out on people. She talked about it with her masseuse, who suggested a musical! She talked about it with Emma on a writing weekend, who liked it so much that she started writing a story (not the one on here!) before they even left the pub.

They all agreed there was something to this thing – whatever it was.

So a circle of writers were given this pitch: Would you like to be involved in creating an anthology entitled “Chasing The Hypotenuse”, based on whatever that title inspires in you? It does not have to be about maths, but there should be a link, however you interpret it. Stories must be a maximum of 5000 words and not previously published in any format.

With that brief, here’s what we came up with…


Note that these stories are all password-protected.  This isn’t to annoy our readers, but because we are hoping to find an agent and most won’t touch stories that have
been published online.  It’s also another way of protecting our intellectual property.

So, instead of cursing us and giving up, please fill out the reply form on each author’s page and we’ll happily send you the passwords.

And please add comments and tell others about us!  The more of a buzz we can create around this, the more likelihood we have of finding an agent and getting published.


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