About The Authors

Anita Salemink: Growing up as a child in Ireland during the most violent years of the IRA conflict, I discovered that nothing is ever black and white. There are hundreds of shades of grey. Small decisions can have big impacts. It’s the grey areas I like to explore.

Annabel Broome: The threads of my writing explore the strangeness of everyday relationships and events, and the blurring of reality and fantasy. A psychologist by trade, I use my experience as a therapist to make links between early events and today. But there are, as in real life, many hot hypotheses, and few causative links.

Emma Cuthbert: My stories tend towards historical settings and Gothic themes: I want to poke around in the darker reaches of the human mind, and to explore what people are motivated by and capable of under extreme circumstances.  I love lingering on physical descriptions, and exploiting those tiny essential details that make a character human.

Joel Graham: I am the tallest American you will meet in Barcelona, where I translate poetry collections from Catalan into English. My own writing directs its gaze at the underbelly of society and celebrates the underdog, which just might have something to do with growing up on a farm in Iowa.

Karine Hetherington: I feel like a bit of a mongrel.  English, French, with splashes of Georgian.  I have travelled, taught, written, learnt new languages.  My mind in later years however has become inhabited by the voices of my ancestors, whose tales have me dreaming….

Mark Blackburn: I’ve spent years selling fashionable shoes, stood for Parliament, and resumed an early passion for writing. My work has twice been published in ‘Between The Lines’, an anthology of the best output from students at the City Lit. I have just finished a novel, ‘Can We Talk?’, to be published next year.

Maxim Mackay-James: I prefer to read and write in the continental (mainly European) tradition of the historical novel, where the boundaries between fiction and non-fiction are more permeable. A semi-retired doctor, I am currently working on a history of palliative care under the title ‘Palliatus’.

Nichole Beauchamp: I like to write about the way none of us ever act “in character” but somehow that defines who we are. My day job is writing for others. My hobby is writing for myself. I have lived on three continents and my boots were made for walking.

Rae Stoltenkamp: I write about the good and bad angels we have sitting on each shoulder, about the strange creatures lurking at the periphery, about life and about death. And often I tango too.

Rafael Torrubia: I write fables about things with teeth in the forest and that bloke in the corner-shop with the dodgy smile. Whispered backyard myths and glimpses of love in strange places. Tales about beauty in dark times and the importance of a good cup of tea. You should read them.

Sydnee Blake: I have told stories all my life as an actor, theatre director, writer, mum and now as a gran.  Having lived in the U.S., England, France and the Middle East, I write about men, women and children in different countries, and how they deal with life’s unexpected situations.


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