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Yellow Cords: Anita Salemink

Growing up as a child in Ireland during the most violent years of the IRA conflict, I discovered that nothing is ever black and white. There are hundreds of shades of grey. Small decisions can have big impacts. It’s the grey areas I like to explore.

Yellow Cords is a story about choices and making the wrong ones, fitting in and not fitting in, childhood and being different.


I was dressed in a yellow corduroy suit with red rain boots. They were very modern, with a piece of fake leather sewn on the top and a shoelace which could be tied in a bow. I knew that I stood out in my colourful clothes. The other children wore brown and black. “Ireland is behind,” my mother said, “the Seventies haven’t started here yet.”

There was an older boy in my class who was about sixteen. Everybody called him Frank, and at first I thought that that was his real name. Only much later I found out that it was short for Frankenstein.

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