Three Sides: Annabel Broome

The threads of my writing explore the strangeness of everyday relationships and events, and the blurring of reality and fantasy. A psychologist by trade, I use my experience as a therapist to make links between early events and today. But there are, as in real life, many hot hypotheses, and few causative links.

This story tells how, in the 60s, North Oxford life is rocked when a grandmother runs away to Italy with her sculptor lover. Her granddaughter, already reeling from a turbulent home life, tries to understand why her much loved confidante left her to fend for herself.


Her face was certainly thinner, and even more leathery than the last time I had seen her five years ago. That was just before she ran away to Italy with her lover and £500 she had saved from her housekeeping.

But it wasn’t the running away so much as the money that most surprised me. How on earth she had managed to stash away so much from the weekly £5 allowance my grandfather gave her?

North Oxford reeled and chattered with the scandal.


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Three Sides

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