I Believed: Maxim Mackay-James

I prefer to read and write in the continental (mainly European) tradition of the historical novel, where the boundaries between fiction and non-fiction are more permeable. A semi-retired doctor, I am currently working on a history of palliative care under the title ‘Palliatus’.

“I Believed” is about Love, Life and Death on the pampas of Argentina… and a story of two meetings; a fugal exploration of a triangulated relationship… without the certainty of either proof or resolution.


When I first met MacKay I believed of course. At the time I was a boy and during the summer my brothers and sisters and I travelled to the west coast Highlands of Scotland to stay with relations in their large house on a hill above the sea. MacKay did not live there but in the Home Farm below in the outskirts of the local town an hour’s walk away.

We were required to attend church on Sunday mornings in the town, and afterwards we would walk back to the Home Farm for orange juice and plain biscuits dispensed by three other elderly female relations who lived there with MacKay, before we were collected by car to return for lunch back up the hill.


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I Believed

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